ZENOSOFT® Human Interface Software

Below are links to pages with all the menu features that are in the current version of ZENOSOFT® firmware for the ZENO® 3200.

When actually using the ZENOSOFT® firmware, the commands appear in menu/choice form – and in much more "bite-sized" sections. They are also arranged in order, so that you can move through them when programming any ZENO® data acquisition system (datalogger).

In addition, the active version of ZENOSOFT® firmware is completely HELP ASSISTED. On-line help for the various choices and their implications can be immediately accessed at any time, for any item.

This listing here should not be used as instructions on how to configure/program a ZENO®, but to see if it has a particular feature that you are interested in. If you wish to see the proposed additions for the next upgrade of this firmware, please call us.

ZENO® User Menu         ZENO® Program Menu

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