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At the Heart of Coastal's Weather Stations

Coastal’s two ZENO dataloggers, the original ZENO 3200 and the ZENO 6800, are built specifically for environmental monitoring, and both offer sophisticated processing abilities.

ZENO dataloggers work with virtually any sensor and means of communication, and consume very little power. ZENO is the ideal choice for use in remote applications and extreme environments.

Key Features

ZENO® 3200

ZENO 3200 employs a 32-bit microcontroller for fast computing. The user interface is an easy-to-use menu format that allows you to integrate other sensors, select data processes, and select suitable communication parameters.

ZENO® 6800

ZENO 6800 offers more serial channels and higher accuracy, and features a powerful ARM-9 microcontroller for even faster processing than the ZENO 3200. Direct Ethernet connectivity and Wi-Fi capability are also defining features of the ZENO 6800.

3200 6800
Communication Types
Inputs and Outputs
18 bit A/D 24 bit A/D
Six Schmitt Trigger Inputs;
Two Comparator Inputs;
Six General Purpose Input or Output;
One Event Counter
Twelve 5V Logic-Level Inputs;
Two Zero-Crossing AC Signal Inputs
Five Switched Excitation Outputs Two Switched Excitation Outputs
3 13
Special Features
User Programmable Coastal Programs for Application
Accurate to 1 Second Per Day (-40º to +60ºC) Accurate to 2 Minutes Per Year (-40º to +60ºC)
Battery-Backed Non-Volatile Flash
7 mA Less than 20 mA
CPU and Memory
16.7 MHz 192 MHz
512 kB Flash EPROM;
16 MB Flash;
32 MB RAM (Total)
1 MB
  8GB +
-40°C to +60°C;
-65°C to +70°C (Option)
-55°C to +60°C
Optional Features