ZENO® 3200 Datalogger

ZENO® Datalogger

Advanced Measurement, Control, Data Storage and Telemetry

The ZENO® 3200 was developed to be the most advanced datalogger available.

The ZENO® 3200 is built specifically for environmental monitoring. The only connection between the ZENO® 3200 and dataloggers is that they both store data. The term datalogger however has come to mean so much more. The ZENO® 3200 is capable of monitoring many sensors, communicating with "smart" serial sensors, making decisions, performing actions and then reporting via some form of telemetry from literally anywhere in the world. The primary component of the system is a Motorola 68332, 32-bit microcontroller.

This microcontroller allows extremely fast and powerful computing of multiple routines and uses advanced power management for very low power consumption. A true real-time executive is used to achieve multi-tasking which samples and communicates simultaneously. Unmatched analog signal conversion, digital
I/O, serial communication, programming and data memory are all located in a single housing.

The ZENO® 3200 is operated by ZENOSOFT® embedded software. ZENOSOFT® is programmed in "C" (with floating point mathematics), however, the menus that are used to program the ZENO® 3200 are in standard English text and resemble a " fill in the blank" set-up procedure. ZENOSOFT® takes full advantage of 32-bit speed and sophistication by making numerous libraries of functions, equations and operations easily available. The user interface is an easy to use menu format that allows you to connect your own sensors, run multiple processes and then configure the data output to your needs.

The primary component of ZENO® 3200 is a four-layer, surface mount printed circuit board (PCB), including transient and RFI protection, in a housing designed to make the ZENO® 3200 nearly impervious to noise or radio interference. Every operation is confirmed using both a hardware and software "watchdog."


The ZENO® 3200 has two primary interface modes. ZENOSOFT® – the user interface – is designed for a human to be at a keyboard interacting with the ZENO® 3200 to program sensors, change sample rates, download data etc. The other mode is a machine interface which allows a computer to communicate via a single command line that identifies which ZENO® 3200 it is talking to, what it needs or wants from that ZENO® 3200 then assures that the message was received. The ZENO® 3200 data acquisition system has a machine command set called CCSAIL which is an enhanced version of the open protocol SAIL. The menu choices available within the ZENO® 3200 are contained in ZENO® Menu Commands, however, if a choice you need is not listed ask us – it may be coming up in the next version of firmware – or we can most likely put it into the firmware soon.

Telemetry Types:

Telephone (dial-up, leased line, cell phone), Land line (direct cable, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, SDI-12), Radio (UHF, VHF, Spread Spectrum, 800Mhz), Satellite (GOES, ARGOS, INMARSAT, OrbComm, Solidaridad.)


The ZENO® 3200 data acquisition system can run on AC (110 or 220), solar panel or batteries. Current drain ranges from 100 mA to 3 mA at 12 VDC.


A variety of displays is available depending on the application and location.

User Interface/Display Software:

Software to download data is available free with the ZENO® 3200 data acquisition system.

Coastal also makes pc-based INTERCEPT® software, which is available for purchase, to collect, display, archive and share data.


ZENOSOFT® Internal Software (Firmware) Built-in help-assisted menus in easy-to-read text, accessed by any computer, can be internally programmed: type of sensor and specifications, data processing that will occur, requiring single or multiple sensor inputs for calculation, data outputs custom configured in real-time or for storage.

EEPROM Storage:

An EEPROM chip remembers all sensor and program settings, changeable only by using ZENO® 3200 menus. If disrupted, ZENO® 3200 will automatically reboot using the settings that were entered, allowing it to be set up in the office and shipped without programming the unit in the field.

Stand-alone Product or Turn Key System:

The ZENO® 3200 is a stand-alone product or a turn key solution with housings, sensors, towers, communication devices and software applications all supplied by Coastal.

Quality Control:

Stress testing of ZENO® 3200 units from -40° C to +60° C or optionally at wider ranges assures that all electronic systems are working as specified. No better way exists to cull faulty components and more importantly, confirm work accomplished by engineers and technicians.

ZENO® Brochure (PDF)
Estaciones meteorológicas ZENO® para aplicaciones profesionales (PDF)
Estações Meteorológicas ZENO® Para Aplicações Profissionais (PDF)
Рекламный проспект метеорологических станций ZENO® (PDF)

ZENO® Technical Specifications     ZENO® Expansion Capabilities

SDI-12 Protocol: Used largely in water resource management, this is a link to the official SDI-12 site specification page.

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