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Coastal's WEATHERPAK Product Line

WEATHERPAK® models: (left to right) MTR, EOC, Marine/Platform/Research, Portable/Tactical

WEATHERPAK® Weather Stations

The WEATHERPAK weather station's unique self-contained one-piece design makes it the most easy-to-use portable weather station available. It also makes it the most versatile. The equipment is easy to use and deploy, designed for extreme environments, and can be easily customized to meet the specific requirement of any industry. WEATHERPAK is a wireless weather station that is perfectly suited for industrial and scientific sites where ease of installation, corrosive resistance, and very low maintenance are primary requirements.

The WEATHERPAK weather station employs a powerful ARM-9 microcontroller (ZENO® 6800 datalogger) and can contain up to one full megabyte of SRAM memory. A real-time clock and hardware watchdog timer combined with double O-ring seals and the anti-corrosive aluminum design ensures dependable data, on schedule, in any environment. WEATHERPAK weighs under 35 pounds and fits—with all its sensors—into a small suitcase.

The portable, wireless WEATHERPAK® weather station can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools.

Key Features

  • WEATHERPAK is a wireless weather station. Portable models are self-contained with no cables or connectors.
  • Easy set up — WEATHERPAK can be set up in less than 60 seconds — no tools required.
  • Ultrasonic Wind Sensor — A rugged, no-moving-parts, wind sensor that is extremely accurate even at very low wind speeds. It never needs periodic calibration.
  • Computes five-minute running averages and wind stability calculation as required by the EPA.
  • Automatically aligns to True North. The internal electronic compass eliminates alignment errors.
  • Built of a special Mil-Spec grade aluminum, which is extremely rugged and resistant to corrosion, WEATHERPAK will survive a six-foot drop to concrete and is water immersible. There are no plastic or PVC structural components.
  • Tested to and exceeds MIL-STD-810F for severe conditions, and MIL-STD-461E for radio interference and power surges.
  • Double O-ring sealed; all electronics are protected with this seal; there is no desiccant to change out or any maintenance!

See application pages for more industry-specific features.

Standard sensors depend on your application. Typical weather station sensors include wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation — sigma theta — are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure. A WEATHERPAK weather station can be ordered with just wind speed and direction.

Additional possibilities include soil moisture, soil temperature, evaporation, leaf wetness, visibility, cloud height (ceilometer), present weather, surface ice, water temperature, water level, water quality, azimuth, compass, GPS, and more. Please contact us for a complete listing.

Power: WEATHERPAK weather stations can run on AC (110 or 220), solar panel, and/or batteries. WEATHERPAK can run up to three years on a single battery pack.

Displays: A variety of displays is available depending on the application and location.

Towers: A WEATHERPAK weather station is used most often on a 3-meter tower. Taller towers may be ordered.