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Features Common to all Portable WEATHERPAK® Weather Stations

All WEATHERPAK® weather stations are high-quality, professional-grade tools.

WEATHERPAK Updates Plume Software
  • WEATHERPAK® is a wireless weather station made for portable use—self-contained with no cables or connectors.
  • Easy to set up—deployable by one person wearing protective gear in less than one minute—without tools.
  • Automatically updates CAMEO®/ALOHA®, ADASHI®, CoBRA® and other chemical plume modeling software every thirty seconds.
  • Computes five-minute running averages and wind stability calculation.
  • Designed for use in or near the hot-zone. Internal UHF radio relays data to plume model.
  • Automatically aligns to True North. Internal electronic compass eliminates alignment errors.
  • WEATHERPAK Weather Station ApplicationsWEATHERPAK® weather stations are designed to withstand harsh environments, rough handling, and to provide many years of reliable service. Built of a special Mil-Spec grade aluminum, which is extremely rugged and resistant to corrosion, the WEATHERPAK® will survive a six foot drop to concrete and is water immersible (for decontamination, etc.). No plastic or PVC structural components. Tested and exceeds MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461*, MIL-STD-462.
  • Intrinsically safe electronics and non-sparking aluminum are your assurance that the WEATHERPAK® weather station will not create additional risks. In addition, the entire system is protected against RF and other electromagnetic interference.

*(All WEATHERPAK® models except for TRx2)

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