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Your old WEATHERPAK<sup>®</sup> TRx may qualify for an UPGRADE to the new MTR

Upgrade to the New WEATHERPAK® MTR.

What's New & Different?

The MTR is built to maximize interoperability, require less maintenance, and provide more critical information in an easier to read format on a full color flat panel display.

  • The MTR can detect and display other WEATHERPAK®s that have responded to the scene.
  • The flat panel touch screen display alerts you when other WEATHERPAK®s are nearby, and you have the option to select that data to use for your dispersion model (Smart­Detect ™).
  • Because the MTR and base station have GPS, the display shows you how far and in which direction each WEATHERPAK® is from you.
  • A new ultrasonic no-moving-parts wind sensor is used to provide a quicker response and require less maintenance.
  • The MTR provides, via the touch screen, GPS information, battery status and other built in test information.
  • The MTR also comes with a new improved tower that is more robust, easier to assemble, and has an LED to let you know when it’s time to change batteries.
  • The MTR automatically updates ALOHA®, ADASHI®, COBRA, PEAC and other plume modeling software. Weather data is transmitted via UHF radio that provides 5 to 7 miles line-of-sight capability.

Upgrade Includes:

Gill No-Moving-Parts Ultrasonic Wind Sensor With no-moving-parts, the MTR requires no calibration and is very accurate, particularly at low wind velocity.
Trimble GPS & SmartDetect Firmware The GPS works with the SmartDetect  firmware to locate, then provide position (including direction and distance information) for up to twenty additional WEATHERPAK®s.
5.7" Color Display With Touch Screen Additional touch screens allow viewing of current conditions, raw data, system information and graphics on all WEATHERPAK®s in range. The operator may also select which WEATHERPAK® will send data to the plume model. USB data output to PC.
New WEATHERPAK®; Carrying Case High impact ABS triangular style carrying case for the weather station.
Complete System Renovation Coastal will rebuild, refurbish or replace all parts and components we feel are necessary to provide our customers with a first-rate weather station.

Optional Items:

Display Carrying Case Black Pelican case with pre-cut polyethylene foam for display unit only. (P/N S80042)
WEATHERPAK® Vehicle Adaptor KamLock Quick Release with 25 foot cable. Adaptor allows the WEATHERPAK® to be mounted on a vehicle. Terminates in male 1.5" NPT. (P/N S80061)
Extended Warranty Standard 12 month warranty period extended to five years. (P/N S80050)

To Qualify:

The serial number is located on a silver label under here:

Locate The Serial Number
  • Your WEATHERPAK® must be S/N 1325 or higher and in good working order.
  • Your entire WEATHERPAK® 400 TRx system must be returned to Coastal.
  • Parts of your old WEATHERPAK® will be reused, refurbished or replaced at the discretion of Coastal. Components or parts not used in the upgrade become the property of Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.

For more information, please call 800-488-8291 and ask for "sales."

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