WEATHERPAK® Shipboard Weather Station

WEATHERPAK® Shipboard Weather Station

The WEATHERPAK® shipboard weather station pictured here is our one piece shipboard integrated system. It is the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use shipboard weather station available.

The WEATHERPAK® shipboard weather station employs a powerful 32-bit microcontroller (ZENO® 3200 datalogger) – affording it sophisticated processing abilities. The WEATHERPAK® is capable of computing true winds from either ship's data input (in the NEMA 0183 format) or from an independent GPS receiver.

The WEATHERPAK® shipboard weather station employs its own compass to compute true wind direction. This is helpful for older ships that do not have NEMA 0183 available, or when moving the instrument from ship to ship. Advanced computing power also allows it to consider both port and starboard systems, to determine which is upwind, correct to true wind, then report that data. It is also powerful enough to communicate with other ships' sensors via RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485.

An important standard option includes up to 1 full megabyte of SRAM memory. A real-time clock and hardware watchdog timer combined with double o-ring seals and the anti-corrosive design ensures dependable data, on schedule, in any environment.

The WEATHERPAK® shipboard weather station is used on ships that require both port and starboard wind data, on larger military vessels – both domestic and foreign, and on research vessels. Scientists use the WEATHERPAK® weather station at the North and South poles because it is one of few weather stations that can survive the hostile climate.

For more on meteorological instruments used in military applications, please visit our Military page.

Coastal's Shipboard Brochure (PDF)        Estaciones Meteorológicas a Bordo (PDF)

Standard Sensors:

A WEATHERPAK® can be ordered with just wind speed and direction, however sensor suites depend on your application. A typical WEATHERPAK® weather station may include wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation – sigma theta—are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. In addition you may order a two point – port and starboard system with intelligent upwind switching. Other possibilities are rainfall, solar radiation, visibility, cloud height (ceilometer), present weather, water temperature, compass, GPS, etc. Please contact us for a complete listing.   (Sensor Specifications)


AC (110 or 220), solar panel or batteries.


The WEATHERPAK® comes with a 4x20 character LCD display. An optional large screen vacuum fluorescent screen is also available. Up to 8 displays can be daisy chained.


The WEATHERPAK® mounts in a single electro/mechanical Quick Connect fitting. A single cable leads from the connector. It is recommended to bring the pigtail from this cable into a junction box near the station so that ship's wiring may be used.

User Interface/Display Software:

Software to download data is available free with the WEATHERPAK®.

Coastal also makes pc-based INTERCEPT® software, which is available for purchase, to collect, display, archive and share data.

Please contact us for complete information on Coastal's weather stations.