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WEATHERPAK® MTR Receiver/Display

On-site, real-time weather data for chemical, biological and radiological response.

The touch screen on the MTR display provides access to multiple information screens that display the weather data in a variety of ways. Those screens include Active and Preview screens, a raw data screen, and a screen displaying a columnar list of other WEATHERPAK®s nearby. Following is a summary of the function of each screen (for more detailed information, please review the WEATHERPAK® MTR Users Manual):

Active Screen

The Active Screen is the most important and most frequently used information screen. It displays the data received from the Active WEATHERPAK®. An Active WEATHERPAK® is defined as the weather station which has been selected to provide data to the plume model. Access to all other screens is initiated here.

Detected Screen

The Detected Screen displays data from other WEATHERPAK®s detected in the vicinity, in a columnar fashion. If any of the remote systems are WEATHERPAK® MTRs, the relative position (direction and distance) for those weather stations will also be displayed.

Preview Screen

The Preview Screen displays data from any weather station listed on the WEATHERPAK®’s Detected Screen. It allows the operator to view the status of that system and change its Active or Default status.

Status Screen

The Status Screen displays the unique serial number of the WEATHERPAK®, its tower battery voltage, and the raw data line being transmitted by the selected WEATHERPAK®.

Active Screen with Background Gamma Radiation Sensor Option The new optional Background Gamma Radiation Sensor measures the relative amount of background gamma radiation present, and helps determine the presence or surge in the amount of gamma radiation. The sensor would allow First Responders to identify a hazardous presence of gamma radiation and also quantify the amount of typical background radiation for their locations.

With this option a Gamma light has been added to the Active Screen. When gamma radiation levels are in the tolerable range, the light is green. If the level of gamma radiation exceeds specified limits, the light will change to either yellow or red, depending on the amount, and start flashing. An alert will appear on screen that must be addressed by the user before other screens can be accessed.


New Graph Screens track data from each WEATHERPAK® MTR sensor over time. When the display is turned on, data begins to accumulate and is displayed for the most recent three-hour period. Graphs include wind direction and speed, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity.

WEATHERPAK MTR Configuration Screen

Configuration Screens allow the user to easily configure the way data is viewed. When the MTR is first powered on, the user can configure pressure and temperature units, wind units, latitude/longitude formats, data forwarding, and calibrate the touch screen. The previous configuration settings are retained if these screens are bypassed.

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