Weather Instruments

Weather Instruments on Permanent High Tower

Coastal manufactures a complete line of weather stations utilizing any and all weather instruments. Coastal focuses our expertise on the electronic data logger that connects to the weather instruments. As we are experts in this, we can connect to any manufactured sensor of any type for meteorology, hydrology, aviation and many other environmental fields of study.

We are able to recommend which weather instruments we think will be best for your exact application. We select the "best value" weather instrument considering all of your priorities including: accuracy, cost, durability, maintenance, manufacturers reliability, stability and after sales service. We also consider the weather instrument's "field experience". Where has it been used successfully? How many have been sold and or used in the environment you intend to use them? Where has it not  performed well, etc.

After selecting (or from your recommendations or specifications) the weather instruments, we combine them into a seamless package that reads all the weather instruments and records and telemeters the data. We have employed all types of telemetry and have software (INTERCEPT®) which makes remote data collection simple, easy and comprehensive.

There are three ways to go about creating the station you want with the weather instruments you want.

  1. Select from our sensors section which weather instruments you wish to use.
  2. Send us the specifications for the weather instruments and we will design a station for you.
  3. Send us the measurements you want made (for example: wind speed and direction, relative humidity, etc.) and your application (science, environmental compliance, military, etc.) and we will design a station to meet your needs.

If you need additional help or ideas please see our summary page of automatic weather stations.