Shipboard Weather Stations

Chilean Navy ship visiting Palmer Station, Antarctica. NOTE: Palmer's first automatic weather station installed this year is also a Coastal weather station!

Foreign Navies

Coastal has supplied many foreign Navies with both shipboard and land based or portable weather stations. Which ships the weather station is finally installed on and how it is ultimately used is often not known by Coastal.

Foreign navies that currently have Coastal shipboard weather stations are:

  • French Navy
  • Navy of Ecuador
  • Navy of Chile

All of these systems measure at a minimum the basic meteorological parameters. Some are dual point and others are single point systems. They all display data and also feed data into the ships systems.

Two (Dual) Point Systems (Port and Starboard Sensors)

The Dual point system consists of two WEATHERPAK® units. In some installations both WEATHERPAK®s have a complete suite of weather sensors (Winds, Relative Humidity, Air Temperature and Barometric Pressure). In other installations, only one has the complete suite of weather sensors, while the other is Winds only. In either arrangement – the two WEATHERPAK®s connect to a single command or distribution module. The signals from the WEATHERPAK® are all serial/digital and thus immune to ship noise. Typically the signals are either RS-422 or RS-485 depending on the ship standards.

There are various options again at the command module. The module can determine which sensor is upwind and automatically feed that data (assumed to be most accurate) to the ships systems, or you can have a manual switch to select either port or starboard or the switch can manually override the automatic selection.

The data can be forwarded to any number of displays, ship systems or LAN, etc.

For more on meteorological instruments used in military applications, please visit our Military page.

Standard Sensors:

Wind speed and direction, relative humidity, air temperature, dew point, barometric pressure, visibility, present weather, cloud height, lightning detection, freezing rain, conductivity, water temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and others. Please contact us for a complete listing.   (Sensor Specifications)


Standard ships power.


A variety of displays is available including, Flat panel TFT, Vacuum fluorescent, LCD, and all monitor types.

User Interface/Display Software:

Several packages and third party software are available for specialized applications. Coastal makes INTERCEPT® software to collect, display, archive and share data.

Standard Shipboard Products:

WEATHERPAK® Shipboard Weather Station       C-5 SAM/N™ Shipboard Weather Station

Please contact us for complete information on Coastal's weather stations.

Coastal's Shipboard Brochure (PDF)        Estaciones Meteorológicas a Bordo (PDF)