Photo of B.C. Ferries fitted with Coastal 
					Weather Stations

British Columbia Ferries are fitted with
Coastal Weather Stations

Shipboard Weather Stations | Federal Government

Coastal provides a dual wind and meteorological weather system to Marinette Marine for installation on the U.S. Coast Guard Buoy Tenders. This data feeds directly into the positioning system that holds the ship on station while tending the buoys.

The Swedish Coast Guard uses Coastal weather stations on their ships. The winds are corrected using a GPS correction for both true speed and direction.

NOAA has purchased more than a dozen WEATHERPAK®s and uses them on their own ships as well as loans them out to other ships where NOAA scientists may be working on a special project.

The Polar Star (an IceBreaker) has a Coastal system deploying a 3-dimensional Sonic Anemometer and various other weather sensors.

Ferries in Canadian British Columbia are outfitted with Coastal weather stations as well. They feed data directly into the automated shipboard navigation system.

For complete information on Coastal's weather stations used in military applications, please contact us.

Coastal's Shipboard Brochure (PDF)        Estaciones Meteorológicas a Bordo (PDF)

Standard Sensors:

Wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and others. Please contact us for a complete listing. (Sensor Specifications)


Standard ships power.


PC, PC terminal, vacuum fluorescent, LCD.

User Interface/Display Software:

Coastal makes INTERCEPT® software to collect, display, archive and share data.

Standard Shipboard Products:

WEATHERPAK® Shipboard Weather Station     C-5 SAM/N™ Shipboard Weather Station