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Sperry Marine Commercial Vessel

Sperry Marine used Coastal’s shipboard weather station on
many commercial ships fitted with their Integrated Bridge Systems.

Many commercial vessels use Coastal’s shipboard weather stations. Notably Sperry Marine and their foreign offices deployed numerous stations with their Integrated Bridge Systems. The majority of those ships are container vessels either crossing the Atlantic or operating in the Mediterranean.

Cruiseships are also users of Coastal’s WEATHERPAK® shipboard weather station. They like the sleek profile and low footprint of the station. All the sensors they need are combined into a single bayonet mount component, which makes the system easy to remove for maintenance. Typically a cruise ship will feed the data to their onboard systems, but also display the data where passengers have access to it. Some vessels have brought the data into their TV systems so that data can be viewed from any stateroom.

Coastal personnel are available for installation aboard ships and we have extensive experience. The majority of our weather stations however, are designed to be easily installed, and are typically done so by either ship engineers or shipyard employees. Efforts are made in the design to minimize installation problems. Wire runs and minimum use of solder connections, etc. are considered utmost in the overall system design and construction.

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Coastal's Shipboard Brochure (PDF)        Estaciones Meteorológicas a Bordo (PDF)

Standard Sensors:

Wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, and others. Please contact us for a complete listing. (Sensor Specifications)


Standard ships power.


PC, PC terminal, vacuum fluorescent, LCD.

User Interface/Display Software:

Coastal makes INTERCEPT® software to collect, display, archive and share data.

Standard Shipboard Products:

WEATHERPAK® Shipboard Weather Station     C-5 SAM/N™ Shipboard Weather Station