Alliance Class Shipboard Weather Station

Alliance Class Shipboard Weather Stations

The ZENO® Alliance Network is a dual-fiber, fiber optic ring, connecting any number of intelligent sensor interface (ISI) units to a central controller. Network devices transmit three-layer messages simultaneously in opposite directions around the loop, and each device has the ability to accept a message from either direction. In this way the loop is immune to breakage. Each ISI unit responds to its own address or to 'global' commands. ISIs are capable of extensive data compression, universal protocol translation, and large data bandwidth funtionality. Click on ZENO® Alliance Network Paper  for a detailed explantion of an Alliance Class System. Please note the paper was published in 1988 and much has been done technologically to modernize ISI units. A typical Alliance Class ISI now incorporates ZENO® 3200 technology and ZENOSOFT® firmware.

Available in both Word and PDF Format.

ZENO® Alliance Network Paper (PDF)
ZENO® Alliance Network Paper (Word 97)

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