Technical Support

Telephone:(206) 682-6048
FAX: (206) 682-5658
Installation & Training:
Repairs & Calibration:
Time Zone:Pacific Standard Time / West Coast—USA



From complete installation and training to repair work and quarterly calibrations, contact Coastal's Customer Service / Product Support Team.

Installation & Training: Coastal's team will arrive at your site to install any of our products, train the operators, and tutor the people in charge of maintenance.

Repairs & Calibration: Contact Coastal with your questions; if necessary, we'll instruct you on how to safely box up your equipment to return it for service.

WEATHERPAK® Preventive Maintenance and Inspection (PMI) Service Flyer (PDF)
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Application Notes

For more information about a certain aspect of the ZENO® datalogger, or for detailed information about a specific application of the ZENO® system or any other product—please contact us.