Who should consider ZENO® and ZENOSOFT® training?

  • Customers with networks who want to take over implementation of future expansion and ongoing maintenance.
  • Customers who wish to purchase only the ZENO® electronics and integrate the sensors/communication system and PC software themselves.
  • Customers who want a higher level of technical understanding of their system(s).
  • Customers who wish to set-up their own network.

Those interested in becoming system integrators to promote their own products or become VARs should consider the "Pro" level at a minimum. The Expert level is recommended for system integrators and those wishing to provide technical help on the ZENO® or products that they have built around the ZENO®. It is also encouraged for Integrators or those wanting to supply maintenance to systems outside the U.S.

ZENO® USER – A ZENO® USER will have a hands-on working knowledge of how to function with the product menu structure and how to set up a sensor to the product. Additionally, a ZENO® USER will have a good understanding about how data acquisition systems are used in larger systems and about how the ZENO® system compares to its competitors.

ZENO® PRO – A ZENO® PRO, in addition to all of the knowledge and skills of a ZENO® USER, will have a working knowledge of the functionality of the product but not necessarily the highly technical issues. A ZENO® PRO will be able to describe, in a convincing manner, how ZENO® works, what it can do and be able to create new concepts and some fixes to problems.

ZENO® EXPERT – A ZENO® EXPERT, in addition to all of the knowledge and skills of a ZENO® PRO, will have a complete knowledge of all aspects of the product including hardware and software. The skill level should qualify the individual to be able to advise on technical related issues when a lower level of expertise cannot handle the situation.

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