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AN/FMQ-19 AMS Support

Fixed Base System

Support Info / Troubleshooting / FAQs

AN/FMQ-19 AMS Support Info

Hours of Operation:   Monday through Friday, 7 am – 4 pm PST
After Hours — On-Call (see below)

Telephone:   1 (866) 672-1435

AN/FMQ-19 E-mail:   

After-hours support is available.
Please call the main number and leave a message noting your name, base, brief description of the problem, and a number where you can be reached.

Having problems with your system?
First, you must log out the equipment with the AFWA Customer Support Center (DSN 271-2586). AFWA CSC will then notify the Coastal Help Desk to contact you, or they will instruct you to contact us directly.

AN/FMQ-19 Troubleshooting

Equipment Failures:

  1. Check the system logs for error messages. Often, the logs will indicate the problem (i.e., power failure at site). Was there anything going on at the time of the failure that may correlate to the outage?
  2. Follow the TO for additional troubleshooting.

AN/FMQ-19 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  I cannot log in to the system software as a specific user type. It doesn't even give me that option.

A.  Check with your system administrator to ensure someone is not currently logged in as your same user type. This is the most likely cause.

Q.  How can I get access to the system software when my account is locked?

A.  Contact your system administrator. They can create, delete, unlock, etc., an account.

Q.  How do we return failed parts to Coastal Environmental Systems and who pays for the shipping costs?

A.  We provide a prepaid completed return shipper to you and all you have to do is sign it and contact DHL (OCONUS) or UPS (CONUS) to arrange pick up. In order for us to effectively manage our assets, we request return shipments be completed within 5 business days.

Q.  How do I get replacement parts for the FMQ-19?

A.  First, you must log out the equipment with the AFWA Customer Support Center (DSN 271-2586). AFWA CSC will then notify the Coastal Helpdesk to contact you or they will instruct you to contact us directly. After the Coastal Helpdesk and Local Maintenance has isolated the problem to a faulty LRU, one will be dispatched to you.

Q.  Where can I get touch-up paint for my FMQ-19 system?

A.  Paint is considered to be a hazardous substance and therefore must be approved for use by each local base through its hazmat facility. The information below gives the mil spec for white and orange paint that is currently used on the ASOS. Users should present this information to their local hazmat facility and ask for the approved NSN number to be used at their local base.

Item: Quantity: Source:
Paint, Wind Tower1 quart FED-STD-595   Color 12197 (Orange)
Paint, Wind Tower1 quart FED-STD-595   Color 17875 (White)

Q.  Where can I get the most current version of the FMQ-19 Technical Manual?

A.   Each base should establish an ID account for the Tech Manual through its own TODO. Once they are on ID, any T.O.s that are issued from that point on will be automatically sent to the registered address. If a base requires any T.O.s that were released prior to the date that they established their ID account, they will have to order it.

Note: FMQ-19 Technical Manuals are no longer distributed in paper format. Distribution is on CD-ROM.