Coastal's INTERCEPT™ Runway Visual Range (RVR) System

INTERCEPT™ RVR is completely automated software for a Runway Visual Range (RVR) System, providing runway visibility range (RVR) distances and reports for airports. INTERCEPT™ RVR measures visibility, background luminance, and the intensity (brightness) of the runway lights. This data is processed to determine the actual distance a pilot should be able to see down the runway.

Designed to meet your airport's runway visual range (RVR) needs,
Coastal's system is both flexible and scalable. You can choose from several visibility sensors, two background luminance sensors, and a variety of equipment designed to be most cost effective in measuring light intensity and runway visibility settings at your airfield.

Data Display

The range and readings of the various components are displayed in a variety of ways. Data can be displayed on a PC running Windows®, a "hard-fixed" display, or on a touch screen panel. The system can accommodate any combination of these – up to a maximum of 32 displays.

INTERCEPT™ RVR conforms to all ICAO and WMO accuracies and uses all the latest published algorithms for each of its calculations.

Complete Airport Weather, Including RVR

Coastal's Fixed Base Aviation Weather Stations come complete with Runway Visual Range.

Stand Alone Runway Visual Range (RVR) System Complete Airport Weather Runway Visual Range (RVR) System