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Radar Ground Truth Military Weather Station

Radar Ground Truth Station
(Sirocco or Radiosonde Type)

The Radar Ground Truth Station will not interfere with the radar and will not be affected by it.

This professional weather station can be quickly deployed to measure ground truth for radars or radiosondes. It mounts on the same vehicle that is housing the radar or the radiosonde launcher or it can be set up some distance from the vehicle on its portable tower. The deployment decision (vehicle or ground) will depend on terrain and other conditions.

The weather station reports all the relevant weather conditions, which include, wind speed, direction and gust, relative humidity, air temperature and barometric pressure. Our Radar Ground Truth Station can be mounted either directly on the vehicle carrying the radar (as shown in the picture) or on a portable 3 meter tripod tower. The station also notes and reports whether it is mounted on the truck or on the portable tower in case the operator is not in sight of the station or the data is sent off-site.

The Radar Ground Truth Station uses either a standard wind sensor or a sonic anemometer which has no moving parts and is able to sample faster than a traditional wind sensor. The faster sample rate and more data is typical for use with this type of radar or radiosonde deployment. Several sonic anemometers are available to choose from.

The weather station weighs approximately 35 pounds with the tower and fits into a small suitcase when not in use. The station is self-aligning and operates on 12 VDC or 120/240 VAC.

Please contact us for complete information on a professional weather station and all other meteorological instruments made for military applications.

Radar Weather Station Network

Radar Weather Station Network

The Radar Weather Station Network can consist of one, or many weather stations surrounding the radar or the airfield.

This professional weather station is designed to support mobile, temporary or portable Approach Radar’s and Air Traffic Control Systems. As few as one, or as many as six weather stations can be deployed around the command site. The stations are self-aligning so untrained personnel can easily deploy them and their orientation can be ignored while still reporting true wind direction. The weather stations are polled by a central PC and the user can select one, some, or all of the weather stations to display their data.

Several types of radios are available including VHF, UHF, Meteorburst and Spread Spectrum.

These wireless weather stations come standard with wind speed and direction, gusts, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure/altimeter, and the self aligning compass. Other sensors to measure precipitation, visibility and cloud height can be added. The WEATHERPAK® weather stations have no exposed cables and set-up on a portable 3-meter tri-pod tower. The weather stations, when disassembled, fit into a small suitcase and a canvas bag (per station).

Please contact us for complete information on a professional weather station and all other meteorological instruments made for military applications.


Standard Sensors:

Wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation—sigma theta—and various averages are calculated), relative humidity, air temperature and barometric pressure – other common add-ons are: solar radiation, precipitation, redundant pressure (altimeter setting), visibility, cloud height, lightning and precipitation type. Please contact us for a complete listing.


12 VDC or 120/240 AC.


Vacuum Fluorescent, LCD with back light, Flat panel TFT or PC full screen display and archival.


Radar Ground Truth: vehicle mount or 3 meter tripod. Radar Weather: 3 meter tripod.

User Interface/Display Software:

Coastal makes INTERCEPT™ software to collect, display, archive and share data.

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