Coastal's portable aviation weather station is the most sophisticated, easy-to-use weather station available.

The portable aviation weather station is built around the WEATHERPAK® 2000. It is a single-piece instrument that contains all the basic meteorological parameters AND is self-aligning to TRUE North using a built-in fluxgate (no moving parts) compass. The wireless weather station can be ordered with a portable 3-meter tower that sets up in less than 45 seconds and folds to fit in a 9 x 9 x 48 inch canvas carry bag. This tower contains batteries for a full 10-days of operation or power can also be externally supplied. Other tower options for different heights or unique applications are available.

In addition to the basic suite of weather sensors, visibility and cloud height sensors can also be added. The Aviation WEATHERPAK® also has spare analog, digital AND serial ports for additional weather sensors, multiple-types of communications or driving displays.

The basic weather station weighs under 35 pounds and fits – with all its sensors – into a small suitcase. The WEATHERPAK® 2000 is built around a full 32-bit microcontroller and can contain up to 1 full megabyte of SRAM memory. A real-time clock and hardware watchdog timer combined with double o-ring seals and the anti-corrosive design ensures dependable data, on schedule, in any environment anywhere on Earth.

The Navy uses the WEATHERPAK® aviation weather station in both of its AMOS and METMF(R) programs. The AMOS program requires these portable weather stations to be sent around the world at a moments notice for air support to rapid strike teams. The METMF(R) station contains 3 WEATHERPAK® stations – 2 remote – sending data back by meteorburst transmission and one local station that remains at the site where weather radar and other weather sensors are co-located.

The WEATHERPAK® aviation weather station can send data to a local display, telephone modem, cell phone, radio or satellite transmitter. It can be powered with batteries, solar power or AC power.

Please contact us for complete information on Coastal's AWOS and ASOS weather stations.


Photo of Portable Aviation Weather Station

Standard Sensors

A WEATHERPAK® weather station can be ordered with just wind speed and direction or sensor suites tailored for your application. A typical WEATHERPAK® weather station may include the following: wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation—sigma theta—are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure (altimeter setting can be calculated).

Other possibilities are rainfall, solar radiation, visibility, cloud height (ceilometer), present weather, surface ice, GPS, etc. Please contact us for a complete listing.


The WEATHERPAK® aviation station can run on AC (110 or 220), solar panel and/or batteries.


A variety of displays is available depending on the application and location.


Our 3-meter tower is recommended for portable deployments.

User Interface/Display Software:

Software to download data is available free with the WEATHERPAK® weather station.

Coastal also makes pc-based INTERCEPT® software, which is available for purchase, to collect, display, archive and share data.