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Orders Continue to be Strong for Coastal's Tactical/​Portable AWOS


Coastal Tactical/Portable AWOS

Coastal's Tactical/Portable AWOS (Aviation Weather Observing Systems)

Coastal solar-powered Tactical/Portable AWOS

Coastal has recently delivered additional Tactical/Portable AWOS (Aviation Weather Observing Systems) to the US Navy, the Montenegro National Army, the Saudi Arabian Air Force, and Northrop Grumman, among other customers.

The systems range from basic to expanded sensor groups and operate on solar or AC power. They all pack easily for transport and are simple to set-up and operate. These systems were designed to require only minimal maintenance.

The US Navy purchased six stations with complete sensor suites to measure or compute: wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity, dew point, altimeter setting, visibility, precipitation identification, cloud height and lightning/thunderstorm detection. The units were purchased to be turned over to the armed forces in Afghanistan, where they will be located. Coastal was selected for its ruggedized systems and the fact they could run entirely on solar power.

The Air Force of Montenegro purchased one basic station that sets up in less than 60 seconds for rapid deployment. It measures the basic parameters of wind, altimeter, dew point , temperature, precipitation and soil temperature.

The Saudi Air Force purchased several systems as part of a "Mobile Weather Command Post" that integrates satellite images, forecasts and local weather data (AWOS).

Northrop Grumman purchased fully optioned systems similar to the US Navy systems above. They will be used in a larger project they are delivering for the US Department of Defense.

In addition, another key customer has recently purchased two fully optioned systems to support UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Drones) testing and development.

Coastal's total number of Tactical/Portable AWOS shipped is nearing the 1,000 mark (969 at date of this release).


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