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Coastal Overcomes Hurdles in Nigeria During AWOS Installation


Coastal AWOS at Nigerian Airport

May 25, 2010: Coastal is currently installing and commissioning four Aviation Weather Stations at four Nigerian airports (Ilorin, Calabar, Katsina, and Enugo). The Coastal AWOS have multiple sensor groups on each runway, RVR (Runway Visual Range), and are running the latest version of Coastal's web-based Aviation INTERCEPT® Software. This ICAO, FMH-1 compliant software is specifically designed for aviation meteorological data processing, display, analysis, reporting, storage, and long-term management.

"Hurdles" to be overcome consisted of:
Pre-travel Immunizations, unrelenting heat (114 F one day), unpredictable power outages (1-8 hours), and the unavailability of even the simplest of parts (like a pipe clamp) if it wasn't in the "kit" shipped from Coastal. You would think, working on airports, that you would fly from one to the next—but this time of year the dust and haze is so bad that driving was often the only way to get from one to the other on somewhat finished roads with no apparent traffic rules. Field engineer, Tom Lehman said, "We really had to overcome some 'unique obstacles' during this project, but learning how to solve the problems that materialized only improved our skill set and showed just how adaptable we are as a company". The Nigerian airport staff was very helpful with the installs even though technical instructions were hard to relay. As Coastal has proved in the past, flexibility and customization in operations and in products continues to be the cornerstones of their success.


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