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Coastal Environmental Systems Receives Prestigious Award


Coastal management team accept NAV CANADA's Supplier Recognition Award of Excellence
Left to right: Faycel Farza, Sr. Systems Engineer/NAV CANADA; Gary Stringer, VP Programs/Coastal; Bill Bridle, Systems Engineer/NAV CANADA; Kevin North, VP Sales & Marketing/Coastal; Jack Wood, Sr. Contracts Management Specialist/NAV CANADA

November 10, 2015: Coastal’s management team traveled to Ottawa, Canada, to accept their second “Supplier Recognition Award of Excellence”. Coastal first received this honor in 2010 and has won the honor again for 2015. NAV CANADA, a private corporation that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation system, issued the award.

Coastal and NAV CANADA have a long history of working together. In 2005, NAV CANADA contracted Coastal to manufacture and install a network of 85 Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) at airfields in Canada. NAV CANADA added to that order in following years and then in 2014 signed a contract for an additional 25 systems, for a total of 118 systems.

To date, 91 systems have been installed. As a world leader in enabling safe, efficient air travel, NAV CANADA holds its suppliers to rigorous standards, so Coastal feels extremely honored to receive this award for a second time.

Coastal's management team accepts second Supplier Recognition Award from NAV CANADA

In NAV CANADA’s formal supplier evaluation, Coastal had outstanding performance in the areas of responsiveness, quality, ease of use, reliability, technology and proficiency/skill set.

Michael Baron, Coastal’s president, said, “We (Coastal) are immensely flattered to have again received this award and would like to thank NAV CANADA for recognizing the hard work, development, and planning that is put into our AWOS products.”


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