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Coastal's Portable Aviation Stations Used in FAA Testing for New Aircraft


Business Jet

May 24, 2011: A well-known aircraft manufacturer recently purchased two WEATHERPAK®s from Coastal to use during FAA FAR Part 23 certification testing of their new "business jet" aircraft. The new jet is about 40 feet long and designed with cutting edge features. The customer chose Coastal's portable station (WEATHERPAK®) because it could be quickly and easily set-up anywhere along the airfield for testing purposes. The stations send encrypted data via radio at a rapid sample rate and each station is GPS time synchronized so that the data can be integrated into a 4D data cube at a later date.

A high accuracy, ultrasonic wind sensor was added to the standard WEATHERPAK® as both extremely low and high wind speeds were critical in their testing (ultrasonic sensors measure essentially down to "zero" wind speed). A GPS time synch was also added to the WEATHERPAK® unit which already comes with a built in flux-gate compass so the station self-orientates to North. This makes the wind direction accurate no matter the orientation of the station which makes set-up quick and easy (less than one minute). "We were able to do this unique project because we have a lot of flexibility built into our products and since we don't manufacture any sensors–we have the WORLD of sensors to choose from. In this case the best wind sensor for the job was the Gill Wind Observer II, so that is what we used", said Coastal VP of Sales, Patrick Kelly.


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