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Commute to Private Island Becomes a Little Safer


Gardiner's Island off the east coast of Long Island

July 13, 2010: We at Coastal Environmental don't own our own private Island, but some who depend upon us do. Recognizing our products' established reputation for accuracy, dependability, and longevity in extreme environments, the owners of Gardiner's Island, located off the east coast of Long Island, recently purchased a fixed base WEATHERPAK® station. They decided that a weather station was integral to making sea and air travel to the Island safer.

The island is approximately five square miles in size, with roughly 1,000 acres of old growth forest, 1,000 acres of fields and meadows, 27 miles of coastline, and a number of historical structures. It has been passed down from generation to generation for nearly 400 years.

The logistical realities of getting to the island are complex and knowing the meteorological environment is critical. From transporting personnel, cargo, and guests to the island by vessel, to using aircraft on the island's small airstrip, weather is an important factor in daily life. The island's location on the Atlantic coastline means weather conditions can change rapidly and be quite severe, particularly in the winter.

The station will be installed next to the island's airstrip in a location exposed to harsh winter conditions, including high winds and freezing salt spray. This station will have standard sensors that measure wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, and precipitation. The installation is set to take place this summer.


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