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Coastal makes it to the White House!


Coastal Tactical/Portable AWOS
One of two Coastal WEATHERPAK®s at the White House

With Coastal weather stations already on the Pentagon, the South Pole research station, and the Presidential landing field (Andrews Airfield), it was only a matter of timeā€¦ There are now two Coastal WEATHERPAK® weather stations at the WHITE HOUSE!

Coastal has been providing aviation weather data to Andrews Air Base, home of the Presidential aircraft, AIR FORCE ONE, for years, but what about protecting the President from the airfield to the White House? Now the White House has two WEATHERPAK®s used to help guide "Marine One," the official Presidential helicopters that have permission to land there.

Coastal Tactical/Portable AWOS
Coastal's Weather Station at Andrews Air Base

WEATHERPAK® measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity and air pressure.  WEATHERPAK® is typically used in “performance critical” situations where the station must work regardless of harsh climates, natural or man-made disasters.  It is sealed from the environment and therefore impervious to hostile conditions and most chemicals.  The data is connected by Ethernet to a PC where it is displayed using Coastal’s INTERCEPT® software. The data can be used for aviation, climate data or emergency response.


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