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Argentina's Coldest Airports


Coastal WEATHERPAK Weather Station in Argentina

Coastal Environmental Systems is currently installing 20 aviation stations for airports in the coldest corners of Argentina. Settled between the Andes Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Argentina is one of the world’s longest countries, spanning more than 5,000 kilometers (3000 miles) from north to south, and is characterized by a complete spectrum of climate zones. The country’s northern, arid deserts give way to the southern forests which end among the vast glaciers located above the southernmost city in the world. The 20 stations feature high-precision sensors designed to work at the lowest temperatures in remote sites far from the grid. The stations boast heated ultrasonic wind sensors as well as heated precipitation tipping gauges to combat the winter’s harshest elements.  Coastal’s Aviation INTERCEPT® software allows for constant monitoring of these remote airfields and generates reports—METAR and SPECI—as required by international aviation standards (ICAO).

Four of the stations will be installed at scientific outposts on the islands leading to the Antarctic—and on the continental Antarctic as well. The 20 stations will be installed after operation and maintenance training at the Buenos Aires offices of the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (National Weather Service) in Palermo, Buenos Aires. Coastal is proud to be associated with both the Argentine SMN and the Argentine Air Force (FAA), continuing a long legacy of professional weather station supply to the world’s leading armed forces. These are Coastal’s first aviation stations in Argentina. Latin America Sales Manager, Quintin Barnes, expressed his gratitude to Coastal’s local partners as well as the SMN and FAA.


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