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Coastal Provides AWOS for Europe’s Newest Airport!


Meteo Garden Sensors at the Lublin, Poland airport.
Meteo Garden Sensors at the Lublin, Poland airport.

Coastal designed and built a four sensor group AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) for Europe's newest airport in Lublin, Poland. In December Lublin Airport celebrated its "opening day" with festivities and a showcase of new equipment.

Selecting from 120 contenders, Internet users decided that the passenger terminal of Lublin Airport is the most appealing and best architectural design that has been completed in Poland from 2000 through 2012. Lublin Airport is also among the top twelve designs of the LIFE IN ARCHITECTURE contest.

Coastal installed a set of weather and RVR (Runway Visual Range) instruments at each end and the center of the runway. These sensors were complemented by a set of additional sensors in a "Meteo Garden" configuration near the Weather office. The instruments were installed on frangible tilt-down towers complete with aviation lights and painted aviation colors.

The sensors located around the field measure: wind speed and direction (both ends of runway), altimeter/pressure (3 sensor redundancy), dew point/relative humidity, temperature, visibility (used for both visibility and RVR), and cloud height. Field sensors also provide precipitation identification and lightning/thunderstorm detection.

The User Software, Aviation INTERCEPT®, is web-based and therefore the airport's AWOS has numerous users on- and off-site. With the correct security and authentication, users can access the software via LAN/WAN or WWW.


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