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Military Weather Stations

Mission Reliability in Harsh Environments and Critical Operations

Military experience and expertise
Coastal’s team of engineers and project managers have decades of experience building and installing weather stations for militaries worldwide. Our systems have been delivered to military customers on every continent, including the US Navy’s station at the South Pole. Our projects range from single systems to large, multi-year contracts.

Proven and field-tested technology
Coastal’s weather stations are built for critical field operations in the most demanding and remote environments. Our systems are constructed of the toughest materials. In addition to mission critical performance, our systems have built-in diagnostics and are simple to operate and maintain. Globally, our military aviation weather stations have near 100% operability, even 10–15 years after installation.

Customer-driven, turnkey solutions
As a leading systems integrator, we source the most advanced meteorological sensors available. The modular design of our systems enables us to build a system to fit any size application. We are able to optimize our systems to meet our customers’ exact technical requirements and budget. We also provide system design consultation, software development and configuration, testing, and installation services for a complete end-to-end solution.

Best Value
Weather stations from Coastal provide a combination of ruggedness, reliability, and flexibility that military customers expect. Our data processing technology enables meteorological sensors to be added, upgraded, or replaced over time. This means that customers will spend less money on maintenance, sensor replacement, and upgrades during the life of the system.

Fixed Aviation

Coastal Environmental Systems Fixed Aviation System at military base

Coastal has successfully installed over 1200 Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) at military and commercial airports worldwide.

Coastal’s AWOS solutions are rugged and built to meet our customers’ specifications. Installations range from small airfields and heliports, to CAT I-IV airports. Military mission uptime is near 100%.

With Coastal’s web-based Aviation INTERCEPT® software, no client licenses are required for multiple users. Data reporting is available in METAR, SPECI, and other formats.

Remote maintenance support is standard. Communication options include cable, fiber optic, Ethernet, radio, and satellite, and can be AC and/or solar powered.

Customers include: US Air Force (115+ installations), US Army, US Navy, US Africa Command, NAV CANADA, Peruvian Air Force, Mexican Air Force, Colombian Army, NATO, Taiwan Air Force, French Armed Forces, Indonesian Air Force, Iraqi Military, Special Forces in Egypt, Afghanistan Air Force, Falklands Defense.

Portable/​Tactical Aviation

Coastal Environmental Systems Portable Tactical Aviation System

Coastal’s portable/tactical weather stations are designed specifically to meet the demands of tactical or rapid deployment use, and are particularly suited for remote locations with harsh environmental conditions.

These systems are built with Coastal’s rugged WEATHERPAK® technology and professional grade meteorological sensors. Coastal’s web-based Aviation INTERCEPT® software is simple and easy to use on a laptop. Data can also be sent remotely by cable (RS232/RS485), spread spectrum radio, GSM/GPRS modem, or satellite radio.

Coastal’s portable/tactical system is packed in durable, waterproof cases and can be assembled in minutes. The systems are capable of running on solar or temporary power and are ICAO/WMO/FMH-1 compliant.

Customers include: US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, US Marines, US Africa Command, Taiwan Navy, Swedish Military Forces, Colombian Army, Indonesian Air Force, Israeli Ministry of Defense, NATO, Polish Air Force, Army of Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan Army, Spanish Army, Kazakhstan Air Force, Singapore Civil Defense, Chilean Air Force.


Coastal Environmental Systems Marine Weather Station

Co-developed with the US Navy, Coastal’s WEATHERPAK® weather stations provide the ruggedness and reliability needed for operations in a harsh marine environment.

WEATHERPAK contains all sensors required for a complete weather station. It is constructed of a superior non-corrosive material and is double O-ring sealed. The station has no exposed cables or connectors.

Using an integrated GPS and compass, WEATHERPAK calculates both True and Relative winds. Weather data is transmitted to an onboard display and/or integrated to the ship’s network. Communication protocols include: NMEA 0183, RS232, RS485, and more.

Customers include: US Navy, US Coast Guard, Israeli Navy, Greek Navy, Ecuadorian Navy, Armada de Mexico, Finnish Coast Guard, NATO, Chilean Navy, Vietnamese Navy, Peruvian Navy.

Emergency Management

Coastal Environmental Systems Portable WEATHERPAK Emergency Response Weather Station

Coastal’s WEATHERPAK® RESPONSE weather stations provide on-site, real-time weather data for chemical, biological, and radiological response.

WEATHERPAK is impervious to airborne chemicals and can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools, by one person wearing full protective gear. The no-moving-parts wind sensor is accurate at very low wind speeds and requires no calibration.

WEATHERPAK automatically updates ALOHA®* and most other chemical dispersion model software. Data is transmitted up to five miles line-of-sight by way of an internal UHF or Spread Spectrum radio.

Customers include: USAF Fire & Emergency Management, USCG Pacific, USMC Fire & Rescue, US Navy Fire & Emergency Management, US Army Fire & Rescue, DOD Fire Training Academy, Singapore Civil Defense, Taiwan Civil Defense, and the Spanish Army.

*ALOHA: registered trademark of the US EPA and NOAA

Military Weather Station Configurations


Fixed-base Aviation (AWOS)

General Weather Monitoring

Portable/​Tactical Aviation (AWOS)


Hazardous Materials Response
Types of Weather Stations Data Processor:

ZENO 6800

Campbell Scientific CR6
Meteorological Sensors

Wind Speed & Direction (Mechanical & Ultrasonic)

Air Temperature & Relative Humidity

Barometric Pressure

Precipitation Accumulation

Visibility/​Precipitation Identification

Solar Radiation

Cloud Height

Other Sensors
Runway Visual Range (RVR)  
Towers, Mounts & Enclosures

10m Tower

3m Tower

Semi-portable Tripod Tower

NEMA Enclosure (Fiberglass, aluminum or Stainless Steel)

Portable 3m Tripod Tower

Quick Release Connector with Cable

Vehicle Mount
Power Options

AC/DC Power Converters

Back-up Batteries

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Solar Power Systems

Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Telemetry Options

Cable Modem

Fiber Optic

UHF Radio

Spread Spectrum Radio

Satellite Radio
Communication Protocols

RS232, RS422, RS485



NMEA 0183



Custom Software Development

XML and other Data Feeds

Available Languages: English, Spanish, Russian & Chinese
Additional Services

System Design & Consultation

Configuration, Integration & Testing

Site Survey & Installation

Factory & Site-based Training

After-sales Service & Warranty Support

Program Management