Meteorological Sensors

Coastal has unrivaled knowledge, experience and skill with all types of meteorological sensors and their methods of telemetry. To allow you the option of using analog, digital, or "smart" serial sensors, we created the world's only Universal Serial Interface (USI). This interface makes it possible to use virtually any meteorological sensor, as well as add or upgrade sensors in the future.

This is a list of the most frequently used meteorological sensors. If you would like to inquire about an item not listed below, please use our Request Form.

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Item # Wind Monitors
SWN-RM-0001 SENSOR - Wind Monitor, vane and propeller type
SWN-RM-0002 SENSOR - Wind Speed and Direction, cup and vane
SWN-GL-0003 SENSOR - Wind Monitor, Ultrasonic, no moving parts
SWN-GL-0001 SENSOR - Wind Monitor, no moving parts, stainless steel construction.
S80122 SENSOR - Wind Monitor, Ultrasonic, 2-Axis, No moving parts.
Item # Compass
SCM-OS-0001 SENSOR - Electronic Compass for land-based systems (WEATHERPAK® and special order ZENO® systems)
Item # Relative Humidity and Air Temperature
SAT-YS-0001 SENSOR - Air Temperature
STH-RO-0001 SENSOR - Relative Humidity and Air Temperature
SRS-RM-0001 SENSOR - Motor Aspirated Radiation Shield
Item # Barometric Pressure
SPR-VA-0001 SENSOR - Digital Barometer, 1-3 Sensors, Class A or B, Accurate measurement, Excellent long-term stability, For professional use in meteorology, aviation, laboratories, and demanding industrial applications
SPR-GE-0001 SENSOR - Barometric Pressure
Item # Agricultural Sensors
SLW-DA-0001 SENSOR - Leaf Wetness sensing grid
SSM-DE-0001 SENSOR - Soil Moisture. Delivers research-grade accuracy 70 MHz frequency, Easy to install
SST-YS-0001 SENSOR - Soil Temperature. Molded Vinyl Casing, Chemically Stable
Item # Precipitation
SRG-TE-0001 SENSOR - Precipitation, Tipping Bucket, 6" diameter
SRG-MO-0001 SENSOR - Precipitation, 8" Heated Tipping Bucket. Stainless steel sensor with a teflon coating.
SRG-TE-0003 SENSOR - Precipitation Gauge, 4 Inch
Item # Present Weather, Visibility and Cloud Height
SCL-VA-0001 SENSOR - Ceilometer, measures cloud height to 25,000 ft
S80266-RC SENSOR - Ceilometer, measures cloud height to 40,000 ft
S97499 SENSOR - Ceilometer, measures cloud height to 43,000 ft
SVS-VA-0001 SENSOR - Visibility with Optional Ambient Light
SPW-VA-0001 SENSOR - Visibility and Present Weather with Optional Ambient Light
SVS-BI-0001 SENSOR - Visibility. Measures Visibility, high grade aluminum construction, design minimizes maintenance
SPW-BI-0001 SENSOR - Present Weather & Visibility, high grade aluminum construction
S98364-EC SENSOR - Dual Technology Visibility
Item # Thunder/Lightning
SLT-L3-0001 SENSOR - Thunder and Lightning Detection
Item # Solar Radiation
SSR-LI-0001 SENSOR - Solar Radiation Pyranometer
SSR-AP-0001 SENSOR - Solar Radiation, Apogee - silicon-cell pyranometer
SSR-KZ-0002 SENSOR - Second Class Solar Radiation
SSR-HU-0001 SENSOR - Second Class Solar Radiation
SSR-KZ-0001 SENSOR - Solar Radiation
Item # Towers
SENSOR - Tower, Aviation Application
TOW-CE-0001 SENSOR - QUICK RELEASE - Kamlock Quick Release Connection for WEATHERPAK® 2000 Weather Stations.
S1194 SENSOR - Heavy Duty, 3 Meter Tower

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