INTERCEPT® Data Collection, Display and Forwarding Software

INTERCEPT® automatically collects data from 1-100 ZENO® and WEATHERPAK® weather stations, displays that data, organizes it into data files or a database, allows multiple users to view the data with a web browser, and sends the data out as an XML feed.

INTERCEPT® sends XML data feeds – so INTERCEPT® data can be ingested by other applications.

Set alerts, monitor status of weather stations, and even group multiple stations into "viewing groups" – making views of multiple weather stations much easier to see.

INTERCEPT® automatically synchronizes the time of all stations with the INTERCEPT® server you select.

INTERCEPT® keep tracks of what data has been collected from each station – so you are always as up-to-date as possible.

INTERCEPT® Software Station Screen, Day Viewing

Day and night viewing screens are selectable as well as desktop and console views.

Station Summary Screen
INTERCEPT™ Station Summary Screen 
Alert Screen
INTERCEPT<sup>®</sup> Alert Screen 
Dashboard Screen
INTERCEPT<sup>®</sup> Dashboard Screen  
Map Screen (Optional)
INTERCEPT<sup>®</sup> Map Screen (Optional)

New INTERCEPT® Features:

  • Create unlimited station groups; weather stations can belong to more than one group
  • Each weather station has its own display
  • A summary of all weather station data is displayed in tab view
  • Select day (dark text on light background) or night view (amber text on dark background) in either desktop or console configurations, optimized for different viewing distances
  • INTERCEPT® automatically time syncs all stations on the network
  • Designed to run continuously; automatically returns to normal operation after a power outage

New Web Services & Database Features:

  • Multiple users can view data through any web browser; password protected
  • Network version has data files or a database available on the network or Internet
  • INTERCEPT® software installs on either internal or external servers
  • Multiple interface options: serial, Ethernet and Internet
  • Custom user-set alerts for all sensor measurements including the ability to create complex alerts using multiple measurements and an array of operators
  • Alerts and error conditions are displayed on a ticker tape at the bottom of the display
  • Error conditions freeze the ticker until they are acknowledged
  • The maintenance dashboard provides a graphical view of the status of all stations in the system as well as allowing the user to drill down to the specific warnings or alarms for each station; warnings are displayed in yellow, alarms are displayed in red
  • An optional map interface allows point-and-click access to individual ZENO® or WEATHERPAK® data; restricted "map only" user function is available

For more information on Coastal's INTERCEPT® software, please contact us.

Download INTERCEPT® Flyer (PDF)
Software de recopilación, visualización y reenvío de datos INTERCEPT® (PDF)
INTERCEPT® Software de Coleta, Exibição e Envio de Dados (PDF)
Программа INTERCEPT® для сбора, отображения и пересылки данных (PDF)

INTERCEPT™ Station Screen, Day Viewing