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INTERCEPT® Data Collection, Display, and Forwarding Software

INTERCEPT automatically collects data from 1 to 100 WEATHERPAK® weather stations, displays the data, organizes the data into files or a database, and allows users—with the proper permissions and password—to view the data with a web browser.

INTERCEPT provides XML data feeds, so data can be ingested by other applications such as a database or website.

INTERCEPT allows users to configure alerts, and group multiple stations into "viewing groups," making it easier to observe several stations at a glance.

INTERCEPT automatically synchronizes the time stamp of all stations with the attendant server.

INTERCEPT provides user customizable log files, which can then be downloaded to the desktop via the user interface.


  • An unlimited number of station groups can be created
  • Each station’s data and status can be viewed individually.
  • The user can choose the units displayed (MPH, MPS, Knots, °C or °F).
  • A summary of all station data is displayed in tab view.
  • Selectable day or night view; choose dark text on light background or amber text on dark background.
  • Automatically synchronizes the time clock of all stations on the network.
  • Software runs continuously and will automatically return to normal operation following a power interruption.

Web Services & Database Features

  • Anyone with proper permissions and password can view data using any web browser.
  • Data files are available on a network or the Internet (with proper permissions).
  • Users can create simple alerts based on a single sensor’s data, or more complex alerts using data from multiple sensors.
  • Alerts and error conditions are displayed on a ticker tape at the bottom of the display.
  • The operational status of a network of weather stations can be viewed on the maintenance dashboard. The user can also view specific warnings or alarms for an individual station.
  • An optional map interface features point-and-click access to individual WEATHERPAK® data.
  • User customizable log files and user logs can be downloaded to your desktop through the user interface.
  • Supports Windows®* 7, 8, 10 and Linux®**.

*Windows: registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation
**Linux: registered trademark of The Linux Foundation