Coastal industrial weather station on fence line

Industrial Weather Stations

 For routine monitoring for compliance purposes
 For monitoring areas where spills may occur
 As a rapid response tool following the release of hazardous materials

Coastal's weather stations for industrial and chemical facilities provide site-specific, real-time data on environmental conditions.

This data can be used for any compliance purposes and is approved by the EPA and other agencies.

If a hazardous materials incident should occur, this information can also be critical to the safety of employees and response personnel. It is imperative to eliminate dangerous guesswork and wasted time. Equipment performance and reliability should not be compromised.

Industrial Weather Station

Specification Highlights

  • Systems meet all EPA, State and Federal environmental regulations
  • Data updated every 30 seconds
  • Stations have back-up power
  • Many features to support networks


Standard Sensors:

Industrial Weather Station

Standard sensors depend on your application, but typically include wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation-sigma theta-are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Others options are available. Please contact us for a complete listing. (Sensor Specifications)


Coastal weather stations can run on AC (110 or 220), solar panel and/or batteries.


A variety of displays is available depending on the application and location.


A large number of towers are available ranging from a 3 meter portable tower to 300 feet or higher towers.

User Interface/Display Software:

Coastal makes INTERCEPT® software to collect, display, archive and share data.

For complete information on Coastal's weather instruments, please contact us.