Hydrometeorology Stations

ZENO® Water Quality Station

Coastal uses the power of the ZENO® 3200 datalogger and SDI-12 protocol to seamlessly connect to almost all of the multi-parameter water quality probes. Probes manufactured by YSI and HYDROLAB are the two most frequently used. This data can then be combined with a variety of other sensors to complete your total monitoring platform.

ZENO® Water Level Station

Coastal employs several methods to obtain accurate water level information. The most often used types are: pressure sensor; shaft encoder; and sonic/ultrasonic.

ZENO® Flood Warning Station (GOES/INMARSAT)

These rugged water resource weather stations are designed to monitor the level of lakes, rivers and streams, and then notify you immediately if a predetermined alarm is triggered. They are typically delivered with a Telonics GOES transmitter or an INMARSAT transceiver.

The ZENO® hydrometeorology station is the most sophisticated available. It's easy to set up, simple to operate, and requires only point and click software to download data, change sample rates, etc. It's capable of reading almost any sensor, including analog, digital, or serial "smart" sensors.

The ZENO® can execute some actions: opening/closing valves, turning on/off pumps etc. It will interface with almost any type of telemetry including: direct cable, off-the-shelf phone modem, leased line modem, short haul modem, one-way radio, two-way radio, satellite and cell phone – the ultimate in flexibility.

The ZENO® hydrometeorology station is available with memory ranging from 16Kb to 20Mb.


Any of our hydrometeorology stations can take advantage of these modes of telemetry. GOES is a one-way geo-stationary satellite system with full ability to report alarms whenever they happen. INMARSAT is a two-way satellite communication system also able to report alarms or alert conditions.

Please contact us for complete information.

Hydrometeorology Standard Sensors:

Standard sensors depend on your application. Typical water level and flood warning station sensors include: water level (pressure sensor type, shaft encoder type, or sonic/ultrasonic type) rainfall and water temperature.

Typical water quality station sensors include: water quality multi-probe, water level, rainfall and water temperature. rainfall and water temperature.

Additional possibilities include wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation—sigma theta—are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, solar radiation, evaporation, water quality, soil moisture, soil temperature, GPS, and more. Please contact us for a complete listing.
Sensor Specifications


ZENO® hydrometeorology stations can run on AC (110 or 220), solar panel and/or batteries.


A variety of displays is available depending on the application and location.


Towers are available ranging from 3-meter portable towers to 300 feet or higher towers.

User Interface/Display Software:

Software to download data is available free with ZENO® stations.

Coastal also makes pc-based INTERCEPT® software, which is available for purchase, to collect, display, archive and share data.