Hydro-Meteorology Stations – Specification Highlights

Specification Highlights  ( L = Water Level / Q = Water Quality / F = Flood Warning )
Full 32-bit microcontroller L Q F   4 separate output messages and times L Q F
18-bit analog resolution for sensor input L Q F   Full SDI-12 compatibility L Q F
16 analog inputs L Q F   Call out on alarm L Q F
15 digital inputs - 7 are optional outputs L Q F   ZENOSOFT® embedded firmware L Q F
5 serial interfaces L Q F   HYDRO-EXPERT embedded firmware L Q F
Expansion cards for analog inputs, analog outputs, special sensor interfaces L Q F   SDI-12, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 interfaces L Q F
Both human interface and computer/network addressable interface L Q F   Full floating point math L Q F
Full multi-probe compatability with HYDROLAB and YSI probes   Q     Software watchdog timer L Q F
Compatible with pressure sensors, shaft encoders, sonic/ultrasonic level sensors L       Hardware watchdog timer L Q F
Fully GOES or INMARSAT ready L Q F   Easy to set-up, easy to use L Q F

Meteorological Sensor Specifications

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