PSD Tower

Coastal Environmental Systems can provide tall towers with multiple instrumentation for NRC controlled applications.

Typically meteorological towers at nuclear facilities (NRC guidelines) and occasionally PSD towers are required to be 100 to 300 feet and more in height. Special considerations need to be made for this type of tower. They include: maintenance, deployment of system, and electronic and radio noise. Especially important is radio noise, since the long cables involved can act as antennaes. Receiving dependable data means that the sensors and the tower itself must be protected from lightning and electrical surges.

A variety of towers is available including some with equipment elevators. Tall towers also usually contain much more instrumentation installed at several different levels. The expansive inputs and sophisticated software of Coastal's ZENO® datalogger/data aquisition system can easily accomodate all these expanded requirements. In addition, the ZENO® allows retrofitting with many older systems by providing analog outputs to strip charts. This means that other agencies can telephone the ZENO® and querry it for QA or QC purposes while your facility is still receiving data – simultaneously.

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