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“The WEATHERPAK® 400 is needed by the Fire Prevention Department, and is the only accurate means of inputting data directly into the ALOHA® air model for on-scene plume modeling. The impact of not providing this equipment may result in injury or death due to the lack of accurate on-scene data….”

Asst. Chief Kevin Farrell, Aberdeen Proving Grounds FD, Aberdeen, MD

"Prior to using the WEATHERPAK® I felt, based upon my experience, I knew how to determine the local wind and wind shifts. The first time I saw a WEATHERPAK® in operation, I understood how wrong I was…. I am now a strong supporter of this technology. Our area has four WEATHERPAK®s and we use them all the time.

"First Responders deal with very serious incidents. They should not have to 'take a guess' at wind speed, direction, temperature and humidity."

Timothy C. Wixom, Director, Steuben County 911 Enhanced, Bath, New York

"In the Midwest, we are known for weather that changes every five minutes. This tool gives our team accurate on-scene weather data, instead of guessing. Speaking as a firefighter … I'm glad we have the WEATHERPAK® on our truck…."

Special Services Chief Cliff Weaver, Hazardous Materials Team, Evansville, Indiana FD

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