Emergency Weather Stations for
Professional Responders

The nature of hazmat response dictates that emergency weather stations be easy to deploy and operate; they must withstand rough handling and harsh conditions; be accurate and reliable; and not create additional risks.

For more than 30 years, Coastal’s WEATHERPAK® has been the #1 emergency weather station around the world. The most rugged weather station available, it is impervious to airborne chemicals, and can be deployed directly in the hot zone.

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WEATHERPAK® can be set up in less than 60 seconds, without tools, by a Responder wearing full protective gear and breathing apparatus. It will survive a 6-foot drop to concrete and withstand a decontamination scrub down.

Current weather at the site of a hazmat incident is the most important determinant of where, how far, and in what concentration a hazardous material will travel.

WEATHERPAK® will transmit life-saving data immediately, including wind speed and direction, and more importantly, sigma-theta (air turbulence—the biggest factor in chemical dispersion).

Coastal maintains two distinct lines of portable hazmat weather stations: WEATHERPAK® and C-5 SAM™. Both are rugged, professional quality systems, designed specifically for Emergency and First Responders at disaster sites.

WEATHERPAK® is the only professional emergency weather station that can both meet the requirements of the Hazmat/WMD response mission and withstand the rigors associated with this mission for many years to come.

Contact Coastal to discover which emergency weather station is right for you.

Emergency Weather Station - WEATHERPAK® MTR Emergency Weather Station - WEATHERPAK® TRx2
Emergency Weather Station - WEATHERPAK® TRxEmergency Weather Station - C-5 SAM™

Top row:  WEATHERPAK® MTR (left); WEATHERPAK® TRx2 (right); Bottom row: C-5 SAM™ (left); WEATHERPAK® TRx (right)

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Professional Emergency Response Teams that rely on Coastal's WEATHERPAK®:

  • Los Angeles City Fire Department
  • USCG Strike Teams
  • New York City Fire Department
  • Massachusetts Fire Departments
  • Michigan State Police
  • Minnesota Fire Departments
  • Missouri Fire Departments
  • Las Vegas Fire Department
  • State of Oklahoma DHS
  • Houston Fire Department
  • UFAG State Lake Fire Department
  • Seattle Fire Department
  • Mid America Regional Council (MARC)
  • United States CST/WMD Teams