Custom Weather Station Solutions

Here's What You Can Expect From Our World!

This web site graphically displays the considerable number and variety of professional weather stations that we manufacture at Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. Much less obvious, though, are the many details and intangibles that can help influence or reinforce your decision to purchase Coastal products. From our corporate attitude, philosophy, and goals, to our core product strengths, and remarkable employees, these characteristics and qualities make us unique among our competitors.

Whether you're considering a COTS weather station or require a more customized system, we are uniquely qualified to help you – primarily because of our willingness to be flexible, and work with our customers. You can read about our hallmark flexibility below, but we've also let some of our customers tell you about us as well. Our intent is to give you a focused, yet comprehensive, and even candid image of Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.'s what you can expect from our world.

Hallmark Flexibility

Coastal's open-minded flexibility with our customers is made possible with our intrinsic, corporate-wide willingness to modify or supplement our products until they are exactly what our customers' require. As Pat Kelly, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Coastal, says: "Basically, what gets us the work are environmental monitoring systems that solve problems."

One of the founders of Coastal, and CEO, Don Munro, articulates a long-time Coastal maxim: "In a world where constant change is the rule, we at Coastal are renowned for our ability to maximize both choices and opportunities for our customers."

It's our talented and creative employees at Coastal who make flexibility a frequent reality. Published Government contract awards have even cited Coastal's low turnover rate, and longevity among employees, as partial justification for the award.

Universal Serial Interface & Sensor Logic

Coastal Environmental Systems created the world's only Universal Serial Interface (USI). Our USI helps customers economically add to a new, or existing system nearly any serial sensor. We will ensure that our universal serial interface remains completely compatible worldwide with any and all serial sensors, regardless of manufacturer.

We purposely do not manufacture sensors; instead, we focus our effort on keeping our ZENO® datalogger significantly more advanced than those of our competitors. We buy sensors from companies who make the best possible sensors to meet your specifications. Our ZENO® accommodates analog, digital, and serial or smart sensors.

At Coastal we first determine with you which sensors are required for your system. Then we select the best sensors available to fit your specifications and needs. Our flexible approach results in a custom-fit system.

Another unique feature of Coastal's weather stations is that if your sensor requirements should change in the future, our ZENO® datalogger allows for you to easily and inexpensively add (or subtract) sensors. That's a rare benefit – but one we believe you deserve.