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Emergency weather station | WEATHERPAK TRx2

Coastal's Hazmat History

In the mid-1980's, Coastal began applying our experience with weather instrumentation built for extremely hostile environments (such as the world's oceans and polar regions), to more typical applications that required that same level of ruggedness (chemical/rough handling/hazmat).

In 1984, NOAA (National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration) came to Coastal Environmental Systems with the prototype of a new plume modeling software, called ALOHA®, and asked us to build a portable wireless weather station for Hazmat emergency management response. The concept was to deliver on-site data to the Responders at the disaster incident scene – a revolutionary concept at the time.

FDNY HazMat Co. 1's MTR

Since then, WEATHERPAK® has become the number one choice of professional Hazmat Responders in emergency management response, and Coastal Environmental Systems has become the leading manufacturer of portable weather stations in the world.

The many upgrades and constant improvements introduced over the years make today's WEATHERPAK® weather stations even more rugged and reliable than the original one, purchased by Huntington Beach California Fire Department in 1988.


...when reliable weather data, ruggedness and portability are paramount, there is truly only one choice for the professional... WEATHERPAK®.

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