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Anecdotes from the Field – The Lighter Side

NAV Canada

Sept. 30, 2010: This letter is from Nav Canada, selecting Coastal Environmental Systems for an Outstanding Supplier Award for the FY09/10 year.

The Mexican Navy

Feb. 10, 2010: The following letter is from the Mexican Navy. It is praising Coastal for the quality and reliability of their products. The English translation is below the original letter.


Dear Mr. Patrick Kelly:

As the person in charge of this Maritime Meteorology Off/ce, with reference to the weather stations (Weatherpak) for our ships that we have acquired since 1993, I would like to reiterate that your equipment has proven to be of utmost quality due to its ­robustness to withstand the vibrations on our ships without any difficulties, its ­performance is reliable and easy to operate. Incidentally, your firm and your representative in Mexico have provided us with efficient and timely technical support when filling our equipment and spare-part requirements in time and form. They have provided immediate responses to our emergency needs, we have sent our electronic specialists to your facilities for training and, as of this date, there is open communication for solving any technical doubts we may have in Spanish.

Finally, I would like to mention that the Captains of the ships that have ­Weatherpak stations installed are extremely satisfied with the equipment and they have shared this opinion among the other Captains and, as a result, we constantly receive additional requests for Weatherpak ­financing.

Without anything further at this time, I send warm regards.


Commander of the Frigate CG. DEM. EMO
Director of Maritime Meteorology
Juan M. Aguilar Morales

The State of Arkansas

April 10, 2009: The following letter is from the State of Arkansas discussing the pleasure of working with the Coastal staff.

United States Airforce in Europe

April 9, 2009: The following letter is from a Firefighter within the United States Air Force in Europe. He is commending Coastal for creating a product that is so versatile and easy to use.

Emergency Management Agency of Indiana County

Jan. 25, 2007: The following letter is from the Emergency Management Agency in Indiana County in Pennsylvania.

Blue Lake Rancheria

July 5, 2006: The following letter is from the Environmental Programs Director of the Blue Lake Rancheria in California expressing high regrads for our customer service.

United States Air force

October 17, 2005: The following letter of appreciation is from Col. Mary Vehr of the United States Air Force.


2004: This PowerPoint Slide is from a presentation to NASA officials by ITT that led to us winning a large contract to build a highly customized system at Cape Canaveral. It highlights benefits of custom vs. standard products. As clearly pointed out by ITT to NASA, one of our competitors was unable to meet the requirements for this project and another competitor was unwilling to adapt to meet the requirements for this project.

National Weather Service

(1/2003) The National Weather Service (NWS) recently accounced that Coastal has completed the critical first phase of its extensive, Fischer-Porter Upgrade contract, and the NWS gave Coastal a near-perfect rating – 3.8 of a possible 4.0 – in its contract performance evaluation, with several perfect ratings in key categories. Here is their evaluation:

(1) Quality – High quality and innovative product – rating 4 of 4
(2) Cost Control – Product is being supplied at a negotiated price – rating 4 of 4
(3) Timeliness of Performance – Product was delivered on an extended schedule. Gov't witnessed first article was not completed on time. Required second delayed visit to complete. Product delivery extended due to parts availability – rating 3 of 4
(4) Business Relations – Well-organized and accessible personnel, with clear lines of authority – rating 4 of 4
(5) Customer – Users love the technology improvement – rating 4 of 4
Overall numerical rating: 3.8 of possible 4.0
(6) Key Personnel: Gary Stringer – Effective; Eric Tseo – Effective; Paula Lau – Effective;
(7) Would you select this firm again?
Yes, even with the starts and stops of this program, Coastal took a complex process, made the product look simple and succeeded in hiding the complexity for the nontechnical users.

U.S. Dept. of Transportation / Federal Aviation Administration

Coastal neared completion of its Stand Alone Weather Sensors (SAWS) contract with the FAA, earning commendation from Matoka Forbes in three areas: Final System Review, Contract Data Requirements List, and Site Survey.

"Final System Review (FSR) – Coastal demonstrated its outstanding engineering and technical ability during the Final System Review (FSR) conducted May 31, 2000. The FSR was a major technical review of the final system design prior to the First Article and Factory Acceptance Test. SAWS uses the latest technology in its design as a certified system for the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has learned to appreciate that Coastal's ZENO® 3200 remote data acquisition system employing ZENOSOFT® firmware was a major factor in why the FSR went so smoothly."

Forbes, Matoka W; SAWS Project Lead and Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR). Letter to Don Munro at Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. 21 August 2000

U.S. Navy / SPAWAR Systems Center / Aviation Technical Services /
Systems Engineering Branch

Coastal satisfied an urgent request for ten Automatic Weather Stations, installed in Antarctica.

"I'd like to express my sincere thanks to Coastal Environmental Systems for a job well done. Given the short procurement timeframe, your company was able to effectively use teamwork, planning, and organizing to procure parts, custom manufacture, and test and install all ten AWS systems in Antarctica including two additional AWS in Charleston, SC. The company also did an excellent job of packing and shipping the equipment. The thoroughness of Coastal's installation and testing approach minimized expensive helicopter usage and repeat trips to revisit AWS sites. . . . The equipment is working as advertised and is providing data to the weather office PC using the INTERCEPT™ software. Antarctica presents a significant challenge as one of the most extreme environments on Earth. Coastal Environmental Systems has displayed a highly professional attitude and level of support from start to finish on this project. ATS [Aviation Technical Services] has been pleased with the system and the ZENO® 3200 datalogger capabilities."

Cruz, Frederick; Aviation Technical Services. Internet Mail Service to Pat Kelly at Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. 7 March 2000

U.S. Navy / Engineer

This is an exchange of e-mail messages (only names deleted), prompted by a Navy engineer's inquiry to an engineer with the National Weather Service, regarding Coastal Environmental Services: product and company reputation for quality and customer support.

Navy engineer asks: "We are looking into buying a WEATHERPAK® from Coastal Environmental Systems and are interested in your experiences with their weather stations, mainly reliability of the equipment, or any other comments you may care to offer."

NWS engineer answers: "You should have no hesitation in purchasing one or several WEATHERPAK®s from Coastal Environmental Systems. As an engineer, I can testify to the excellent reliability and performance of the ZENO® 3200 data acquisition platform used in the WEATHERPAK® from Coastal Environmental Systems. In my opinion, Coastal Environmental Systems produces the most sophisticated (32 bit) and robust weather systems designed for remote use. Just as important as producing a quality product, Coastal Environmental Systems believes in customer service. They listen to their customers."

Name-deleted engineer, Navy e-mail to NWS 17 June 1999; name-deleted engineer, NWS e-mail to Navy 18 June 1999

National Ice Center

Coastal quickly helped the U.S. Navy's National Ice Center (NIC) when asked to provide diagnostics repairs and upgrades to four meteorological buoys originally manufactured by Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. This helped the NIC maintain a network of observation buoys in the Arctic that provide essential data.

"You achieved this desired outcome through tremendous cooperation and support from your sales and service staffs, despite considerable challenges in dealing with government procurement procedures. Your outstanding service is a hallmark of a truly professional organization. Please accept my personal and genuine thanks to you and your staff for a job extremely well done!"

Mineart, Gary; Commander, U.S. Navy. Letter to Gary Stringer, at Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. 2 April 1999.

Department of the Army / Seattle District Corps of Engineers

[Work under Contract Number DACW67-96-0062 has been completed.]

"As a result, Seattle District has a state-of-the-art data collection system to perform its water management mission. It will be particularly useful in our western Washington flood fighting efforts. Please express our gratitude to your team for their effort and dedication in completing this project. We are especially appreciative of their commitment to meet our needs despite all the unexpected complications."

Wagner, Wayne; Acting Chief, H&H Branch. Letter to Don Munro, at Coastal Environmental Services, Inc. 20 January 1998