Some of Our Suppliers

These are links to companies that supply sensors used by Coastal systems, and companies that offer complementary devices or systems for environmental monitoring.


Optical Scientific, Inc.(OSI), formerly Scientific Technology, Inc (ScTi) is a world leader in manufacturing remote optical weather instruments for weather observation stations and other applications. OSI's reliable, low maintenance sensors provide present weather information on precipitation rate, type, and/or visibility readings. OSI is proud to be a supplier to Coastal Environmental Systems.


Paroscientific has been the leader in the field of precision pressure measurement for three decades. With performance comparable to the best primary standards, pressure resolution of better then 0.0001%, and an overall accuracy of 0.01%, they are the transducer of choice. When the specification calls for absolute accuracy, reliability and long term stability such as required by the FAA, NWS, Coastal Environmental Systems, and many others worldwide it's – Paroscientific - The Standard by which Others are Measured.

Sea-Bird Electronics

Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of CTD instrumentation, develops and manufactures recording and telemetering systems for measurement of conductivity, temperature, pressure and other ocean variables (CTDs), and multi-bottle water samplers.

Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.

Texas Electronics

Texas Electronics has been designing and manufacturing a comprehensive line of industrial quality meteorological sensors and systems for the environmental, agricultural and research communities for forty years.

Aviation FBS Sensor Manufacturers

Belfort Instruments
Eliasson Engineering
Met One
  Optical Scientific, Inc.
RM Young