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Coastal Environmental Systems Receives Award

Coastal's management team accepts Supplier Recognition Award from NAV CANADA

Coastal’s management team traveled to Ottawa, Canada, to accept their second “Supplier Recognition Award of Excellence”. NAV CANADA, a private corporation that owns and operates Canada’s civil air navigation system, issued the award.    Learn more…

Coastal makes it to the White House!

Coastal's Weather Station at Andrews Air Base

With Coastal weather stations already on the Pentagon, the South Pole research station and at the Presidential landing field (Andrews Airfield) it was only a matter of time… There is now a Coastal weather station (a WEATHERPAK®) at the WHITE HOUSE!    Learn more…

Orders Continue to be Strong for Coastal's Tactical/Portable AWOS

Portable-Tactical AWOS

Coastal has recently delivered additional Tactical/Portable AWOS (Aviation Weather Observing Systems) to the US Navy, the Montenegro National Army, the Saudi Arabian Air Force, and Northrop Grumman, among other customers. The systems range from basic to expanded sensor groups and operate on solar or AC power.    Learn more…

Coastal Provides AWOS for Europe's Newest Airport!

Coastal AWOS for Lublin, Poland, airport

Coastal designed and built a four sensor group AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) for Europe's newest airport in Lublin, Poland. In December Lublin Airport celebrated its "opening day" with festivities and a showcase of new equipment.    Learn more…

How do you keep a 100 year old climatological database consistent over all that time AND into the future? Upgrade!

Fischer-Porter Upgrade

Coastal has just completed shipping 1,000 Fischer-Porter upgrade units to the National Weather Service. This upgrade replaces the reliable, but outdated, mechanical paper tape punch device that previously recorded the amount of rainfall at a given location.    Learn more…

Argentina's Coldest Airports

Coastal WEATHERPAK Weather Station in Argentina

Coastal Environmental Systems is currently installing 20 aviation stations for airports in the coldest corners of Argentina. The 20 stations feature high-precision sensors designed to work at the lowest temperatures in remote sites far from the grid. The stations boast heated ultrasonic wind sensors as well as heated precipitation tipping gauges to combat the winter's harshest elements.    Learn more…