Recent Advertisements for Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc.

Below are links to some of Coastal's advertisements (and one IBM ad showing Coastal's WEATHERPAK®) that have appeared within the past few years. Most of these ads are in PDF format (where noted) and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them. You can download the Reader for free, here: Link to Acrobat Reader Download 


IBM Ad featuring Coastal's WEATHERPAK® Weather Station (WEB Page)

Aviation Advertisements

AWOS Ad: Aviation Weather Stations Proven in any Environment (PDF)

Coastal's Aviation Weather Stations (AWOS) Ad (PDF)

Coastal's Aviation Weather Stations (AWOS) Ad: Who Depends on Coastal Aviation/AWOS? (PDF)

Coastal's Fixed Base Aviation Weather Station Ad (WEB Page) / (PDF)

Emergency Response/Hazmat Weather Station Advertisements

Coastal's WEATHERPAK® TRx Ad (PDF)


Coastal's WEATHERPAK® MTR Ad: How do you know where a plume is heading? (PDF)

Coastal's WEATHERPAK® MTR Ad: Track the plume, on site, in real-time (PDF)

Coastal's Emergency Management Ad: Weather Stations for the Harshest Places on Earth (PDF)

Coastal's Urban WEATHERPAK® Ad (PDF)

Shipboard Weather Station Advertisements

Coastal's Shipboard Weather Stations Ad (PDF)

Coastal's Weather Stations Ad for Offshore Platforms, Piers, Ships, and Buoys (PDF)