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WWEATHERPAK® MTR Hazmat Weather Station and Display

Hazmat Weather Station – WEATHERPAK® MTR

On-site, real-time weather data for chemical, biological and radiological response with hazmat weather stations.

WEATHERPAK MTR hazmat weather station and display<sup>®</sup>s

The new WEATHERPAK® MTR hazmat weather station incorporates all of the features which make the WEATHERPAK® the number one choice of Professional Responders.

And much more:

  • SmartDetect™ – Firmware that automatically networks and displays data from up to twenty additional WEATHERPAK® hazmat weather stations.
  • Integrated GPS – Provides GPS data for your location and location information for additional WEATHERPAK® MTRs using the SmartDetect™ feature.
  • Wireless Weather Station requires no tools and deploys in less than one minute, by one person.
  • Full Color Display – The full color WEATHERPAK® MTR Receiver/Display features touch screen access to data from up to twenty additional WEATHERPAK® hazmat weather stations. Layered touch screens provide weather data and current status for the Active WEATHERPAK® and all other WEATHERPAK® weather stations detected in the vicinity by Coastal's SmartDetect™ automatic networking firmware.
  • Ultrasonic Wind Sensor – A no-moving-parts ultrasonic wind sensor which is rugged and extremely accurate even at very low wind speeds. Never requires periodic calibration.
  • Built with the future in mind – Multi-use electronic interface for the new optional background gamma radiation sensor, and for future enhancements such as a black-body radiant energy sensor, etc.
  • The new MTR tower is "high visibility" yellow, easier to assemble, and has an LED to let you know when it's time to change batteries.

The MTR is available tripod mounted with UHF radio telemetry (5-7 mile range), or vehicle mounted (MTR/VM). An optional spread-spectrum, frequency-hopping radio is available.

Contact Coastal for more information. Download pdf brochure.

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