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C-5 SAM™ Weather Station

C-5 SAM™ Weather Station

A rugged and reliable low-cost alternative to the WEATHERPAK®.

The C-5 SAM™ Weather Command provides on-site, real-time, reliable weather data for permanent or mobile deployments. If you respond to a limited number of Hazmat calls, have a low potential for a truly catastrophic spill, or are seeking a professional weather station on a limited budget, then the C-5 SAM™ is the right weather station for you.

Simple to install and maintain, the C-5 SAM™ weather station computes running averages of vector wind speed and direction, air temperature, and wind stability. This data, along with instantaneous measurements of wind speed / direction, and air temperature, are updated on the display screen every 30 seconds.

C-5 SAM™ can be used as a stand-alone weather station for routine monitoring, or in conjunction with ALOHA® or other plume dispersion models.

The sensor head is constructed of 6061-T6 Mil-Spec, anti-corrosive aluminum. The electronics microprocessor and display screen are shock mounted for maximum durability, and the exposed cable from the sensor head to the display processor is shielded, polyurethane, cut-resistant, and rugged.

C-5 SAM™ Highlights:

  • C-5 SAM™ automatically updates CAMEO® / ALOHA® plume modeling software.
  • C-5 SAM™ employs professional grade sensors and electronic components that are designed for use in demanding environments.
  • It is designed to operate reliably in electrically "noisy" environments, such as Hazmat, or other emergency response scenes. The C-5 SAM™ is immune to radio frequency noise and electrostatic discharge interference.
  • C-5 SAM™ is available in both vehicle-mounted and portable packages.
  • The C-5 SAM™ is used by hundreds of professional emergency response teams worldwide.

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