C-5 SAM/N™ Shipboard Weather Station

C-5 SAM/N™ Shipboard Weather Station

The C-5 SAM/N™ shipboard weather station pictured here is our most economical integrated system.

The C-5 SAM/N™ maintains all the ruggedness and ease of use found in all Coastal Environmental Systems weather stations. It comes complete with a sensor head that digitizes the sensor data right at the sensor. This makes the signals impervious to electronic static and radio noise.

A single cable leads from the sensor head to the display electronics where a built in 4x20 character LCD continually displays all the data. For data storage and graphing with our INTERCEPT® software, a cable (up to 1000 feet in length) can be connected from the display directly to a PC or Macintosh computer.

The C-5 SAM/N™ is used in both portable and permanent installations.

Coastal's Shipboard Brochure (PDF)        Estaciones Meteorológicas a Bordo (PDF)

Standard Sensors:

Standard sensors depend on your application and typically include: wind speed and direction (wind gust and standard deviation – sigma theta – are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Please contact us for a complete listing.   (Sensor Specifications)


110 or 220 VAC.


The C-5 SAM/N™ comes with a 4x20 character LCD display. An optional large screen vacuum fluorescent screen is available. (Display Options)

User Interface/Display Software:

Coastal makes INTERCEPT® software to collect, display, archive and share data.

For complete information on Coastal's weather stations, please contact us.