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Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs professional weather stations. Our data acquisition systems have been extensively deployed worldwide, many in extreme and demanding environments such as Antarctica, or on board combat-class U.S. Navy vessels. Since our founding in 1981, we've earned the trust of a long list of domestic and international customers, including U.S. Government, Fire Departments, First Response, and Industry professionals.

Within the headings of this web site: Military, Aviation, Emergency, and Automatic Weather Stations – a wide array of professional weather stations are defined: from portable to permanent, general weather stations to hazardous materials spill response, agriculture to aviation, military and defense meteorology to our leading data acquisition systems. Coastal's vision of "Creating the Best Performing Weather Monitoring Systems through Technological and Integration Expertise" drives our weather station designs from the ground-up. Each is designed to be the most accurate, reliable system available. Whether you need a fixed-base system for airfield weather, or an ice station in the Arctic, or anything in between, Coastal has more than 30 years of experience designing systems to fit exactly what you want.

Our Customer Philosophy

Remote Weather Station

In the field of environmental monitoring, change is inevitable, and often desirable. Our philosophy is to maximize customer options, both now and in the future, to respond easily to developments in technology and changing requirements. Coastal Environmental Systems does not compromise customer needs in favor of an already built, inflexible system. Instead, we identify your own particular needs and priorities to design a system built to your specifications.

Coastal's Innovation

ZENO<sup>®</sup> Datalogger

Our revolutionary 32-bit datalogger, ZENO® 3200, and its ZENOSOFT® firmware, has dramatically changed the field of environmental monitoring. To allow you the option of using analog, digital, or "smart" serial sensors, we created the world's only Universal Serial Interface (USI). This interface makes it possible to use virtually any meteorological sensor, as well as add or upgrade sensors in the future.

Research Goals

Aviation Weather Station

Coastal strives to keep abreast of upgrades and technological advances within our field. Some of our research goals are:

  • Continuously improve upon our data acquisition system, ZENO® and ZENOSOFT® firmware.
  • Monitor advances made in the field of environmental sensors, existing as well as new innovations; make that technology available to our customers.
  • Keep our exclusive Universal Serial Interface (USI) compatible with all relevant serial sensors.

Sensors & Telemetry

Sensors: Coastal Environmental Systems manufactures environmental monitoring systems but not sensors. This is more than a policy, it is a corporate philosophy. As new sensor technology becomes available, our customers can select from sensors developed by all sensor manufacturers, not just those made (and, therefore, advocated by) a company who both integrates systems and manufactures sensors. Owing to this approach we believe that Coastal has worked with more types of weather sensors than any other company, thereby maximizing choice to our customers.

Telemetry: Any remote data acquisition system requires telemetry. Our engineers are exceptionally skilled at helping you select the best arrangement for your system, whether it is hardwire, Internet, radio, or satellite.

Business & Financial

Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Washington, USA. Our corporate office and production facility are located in Seattle, Washington, and any request for business or financial information should begin here: contact Coastal.


Coastal Environmental Systems has had three decades of first-hand experience with everything from single, custom systems to large government contracts – from simple hardwire telemetry to precise satellite telemetry.

Our Universal Serial Interface (USI) is an important contribution to the field of environmental monitoring.

Coastal has unrivaled knowledge, experience, and skill with remote meteorological sensors and their methods of telemetry.

Our systems are built from the ground-up to be accurate and reliable – because our customers demand the best.