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Video 1: Introduction to Aviation INTERCEPT®

Visualization software that displays your airport’s runway weather data.

  • Web-based viewing platform, accessible to authorized users through a web browser on any computer
  • Automatic METAR/SPECI reports (other report formats available: SYNOP, CLIMAT, TAF, etc.)
  • ICAO/FAA/WMO/FMH-1 approved algorithms
  • Remote maintenance monitoring
  • Display screens are currently available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian

Video 2: Observer/Controller Data Displays and Weather Reports

Observer & Air Traffic Controller Data Display Screens

The main Observer screen shows all of the meteorological data recorded by the weather monitoring equipment in the field. The Controller tower screen displays weather data optimized for air traffic controllers, only showing information critical to landing or guiding aircraft.

Weather Reports

METAR and SPECI reports are automatically generated. Weather Observers can set up Aviation INTERCEPT® to send messages in manual, automatic, or semi-automatic mode. Manual and semi-automatic modes allow the report to be edited.

Video 3: Maintenance Dashboard, Settings, and User Data Alerts

Maintenance Users have access to the maintenance dashboard, a top-level view of system operations.

It immediately allows the user to identify any trouble areas by clicking on the diagnostic information at the lowest replaceable unit (LRU) level.

The color of the maintenance indicators represents the assessed state of each component. A red light, or Alarm, indicates that conditions exist that disqualify data from being processed.

User Data Alerts

Maintenance Users can set Data Alerts to receive notification when user selected meteorological conditions occur. When an Alert condition exists, the corresponding field on the Observer and Controller screens is highlighted.

Video 4: Algorithms, Logs, Graphs, Diagnostics, and Data Export for the Scientist/Researcher

How does Aviation INTERCEPT® ensure that data is reported correctly?

Multiple sensor algorithms cross-check specific sensor inputs with other related sensor data to verify the output. Continuous built-in tests are also performed on the server and data collection unit. Even the weather algorithms are constantly monitored.

Aviation INTERCEPT's Top Menu Bar

Aviation INTERCEPT's Top Menu Bar provides access to all system log files, graphs to view recent data trends for each sensor, the help files, and generate diagnostics.

Data Export for Scientists and Researchers

To meet the specific data needs of scientists and researchers, Aviation INTERCEPT allows for an XML data feed of aviation weather data. This feed can be tailored to the user's exact requirements.