Agricultural Weather Station

The ZENO® agricultural weather station pictured here is the most sophisticated weather station available for agricultural use in the world today. The ZENO® features ZENOSOFT® embedded firmware which is easy to set-up, simple to operate, and requires only point and click software to download data, change sample rates, etc.

The ZENO® agricultural weather station is designed specifically for agricultural data collection. This professional weather station is typically delivered with a standard suite of weather sensors specific to agricultural measurements, but is also capable of reading and processing the data from almost any sensor (analog, digital or serial "smart" sensors). It can check and act on alarms (call out an alarm or trigger a relay for sound alarms, lights, or bells) and perform self-tests on sensors.

The ZENO® can execute some actions: opening/closing valves, turning on/off pumps etc. It will interface with almost any type of telemetry including: direct cable, off-the-shelf phone modem, leased line modem, short haul modem, one-way radio, two-way radio, satellite and cell phone-the ultimate in flexibility.

The ZENO® agricultural weather station is available with memory ranging from 16Kb to 20Mb.

The ZENO® agricultural weather station can be communicated with and reprogrammed remotely via any of the telemetry modes – this is true both for a single weather station or a group of weather stations! Whether you are talking to it over a dial-up phone line, cell phone, or even a radio, the ZENO® agricultural weather station operates like it was sitting on the table next to you.

Standard Sensors:

Standard sensors depend on your application, but typically include wind speed and direction (gust and standard deviation-sigma theta-are calculated), air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall and solar radiation. Others include soil moisture, soil temperature, evaporation, leaf wetness, visibility, cloud height (ceilometer), present weather, surface ice, water temperature, water level, water quality, azimuth, GPS, etc. Please contact us for a complete listing. (Sensor Specifications)


The ZENO® weather station can run on AC (110 or 220), solar panel and/or batteries.


A variety of displays is available depending on the application and location.


A large number of towers are available ranging from a 3 meter portable tower to 300 feet or higher towers.

User Interface/Display Software:

Software to download data is available free with the ZENO® 3200 data acquisition system.

Coastal also makes pc-based INTERCEPT® software, which is available for purchase, to collect, display, archive and share data.

For complete information on Coastal's weather instruments, please contact us.