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About Coastal

Custom Weather Station Solutions

This web site graphically displays the considerable number and variety of professional weather stations that we manufacture at Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. Much less obvious, though, are the many details and intangibles that can help influence or reinforce your decision to purchase Coastal's products. From our corporate attitude, philosophy, and goals, to our core product strengths, and remarkable employees, these characteristics and qualities make us unique among our competitors.

What We Do

Coastal Environmental Systems designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs professional weather stations. Our environmental monitoring systems have been extensively deployed worldwide, many in extreme and demanding environments such as Antarctica, or onboard combat-class US Navy vessels. Since our founding in 1981, we've earned the trust of a long list of domestic and international customers, including the US government, fire departments, first response teams, and industry professionals.

Today, Coastal’s active business segments include aviation, emergency response, industry, marine, military, and science. Coastal's vision of "Creating the Best Performing Weather Monitoring Systems through Technological and Integration Expertise" drives our weather station designs from the ground up. Each is designed to be the most accurate, reliable system available. Coastal has nearly 40 years of experience designing systems to fit exactly what you want.


Our philosophy is to maximize customer options, both now and in the future, to respond easily to developments in technology, and changing requirements. Coastal does not compromise customer needs in favor of an already built, inflexible system. Instead, we identify your own particular needs and priorities to design a system built to your specifications.


Coastal manufactures environmental monitoring systems, but not sensors. This is more than a policy — it is a corporate philosophy. As new sensor technology becomes available, our customers can select from sensors developed by all sensor manufacturers, not just those made (and, therefore, advocated by) a company who both integrates systems and manufactures sensors. We believe that Coastal has worked with more types of weather sensors than any other company, thereby maximizing choice to our customers.


Any remote data acquisition system requires telemetry. Our engineers are exceptionally skilled at helping you select the best arrangement for your system, whether it is hardwire, Internet, radio, or satellite.


Coastal Environmental Systems, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Washington, USA. Our corporate office and production facility are located in Seattle, Washington. Coastal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Campbell Scientific, Inc.